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University of Colorado: Colorado Springs Unveils New Vehicle Aimed to Combat Drunk Driving

Say hello to SIDNE, the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience Vehicle. Thanks to a generous grant from The Allstate Foundation and its integration into the Drive Smart Colorado initiative, SIDNE is making waves as a powerful educational tool. This go-cart styled vehicle is not just a fun ride; it’s a comprehensive simulator designed to educate the public on crucial traffic safety issues, ranging from the importance of seat belts and proper use of car seats to addressing the dangers of distracted driving and, most notably, drunk driving.

Operated by the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, SIDNE serves as an eye-opener for students, showcasing the detrimental effects of alcohol on driving. Beyond the surface, SIDNE is not your typical go-cart; it incorporates simulators that replicate the impairments caused by alcohol. These simulators delay the application of brakes and make the steering wheel challenging to control, creating an immersive experience that vividly demonstrates the risks associated with impaired driving.

Exploring the Impact of Alcohol on Driving

Understanding the effects of alcohol on driving is crucial for promoting responsible behavior on the road. Alcohol, being a depressant, has a profound effect on the nervous system, resulting in various range of impairments that compromise driver safety.

  1. Impaired Vision:

Alcohol-induced sluggish muscle function in the eyes results in altered eye movement, blurriness, and worsened night vision. SIDNE replicates these effects, giving participants a firsthand experience of compromised vision.

  1. Reduced Reaction Times:

Reflexes are critical for navigating the dynamic nature of road conditions. With alcohol slowing down these reflexes, drivers become less capable of responding promptly to sudden changes on the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

  1. Reduced Concentration and Attentiveness:

Alcohol can cause drivers to lose focus and become drowsy while behind the wheel. SIDNE helps participants understand how impaired concentration may result in impaired judgment and heightened susceptibility while driving.

  1. Reduced Tracking Ability:

Drunk drivers often struggle to judge their own positions on the road, as well as the locations of other vehicles, road markings, and street signs. SIDNE’s simulators recreate this loss of tracking ability, emphasizing the dangers of impaired spatial awareness.

Taking SIDNE on the Road

The SIDNE vehicle is not confined to the university campus; it’s on a mission to spread awareness far and wide. As part of Drive Smart Colorado’s ongoing campaign, SIDNE will be making its way to high schools, military bases, and university campuses across Colorado. This mobile education initiative aims to reach a diverse audience and instill a deep understanding of the consequences of impaired driving.

By bringing SIDNE to different communities, Drive Smart Colorado intends to foster a culture of responsible driving, one where individuals make informed choices that prioritize their safety and the well-being of others on the road. SIDNE’s hands-on approach goes beyond conventional awareness campaigns, leaving a lasting impact on participants and encouraging a collective commitment to safer roads.


In conclusion, SIDNE is more than just a simulated go-cart; it’s a powerful tool for traffic safety education. As it continues its journey through Colorado, SIDNE stands as a testament to the importance of innovative approaches in shaping responsible and conscientious drivers. The lessons learned from SIDNE’s simulations have the potential to save lives and contribute to building a safer, more aware driving community. So, the next time SIDNE comes to your town, don’t miss the opportunity to take a ride and gain valuable insights into the real, and often sobering, consequences of impaired driving.

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