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Our Services

Creative Solutions for
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We deliver a client-center, personalized approach tailored to achieve the individual goals of each of our clients.

With over 24 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of client service while delivering innovative solutions and outstanding legal representation.

Compassion and expertise in family law, guiding you with care.

In our legal pracitce, trust fuels financial success, and in estate planning, it’s the cornerstone of a secure future.

Accidents in Colorado? Thomas Law Firm helps you wield workers’ comp laws wisely.

Ensure compliance and protect your business with a Denver employment lawyer from The Thomas Law Firm.

In our legal firm, our attorneys vigorously protect and uphold your legal rights.

Unlock a world of possibilities with our guidance, where obstacles turn into opportunities.

How we work

Committed to Excellence


Comprehensive Consultation

We begin by thoroughly understanding your case through a detailed consultation, ensuring we comprehend every facet of your legal situation and align with your objectives.

Strategic Planning

Leveraging our extensive legal expertise, we devise a robust and tailored strategy, meticulously planning every action and potential scenario to safeguard your interests and optimize outcomes.


Diligent Execution

With a strategic plan in hand, our dedicated team diligently pursues every legal avenue and action, utilizing our vast resources and expertise to advocate relentlessly for your cause in and out of the courtroom.


Continuous Communication

Ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout, we prioritize keeping you informed and engaged at every stage, valuing your input and ensuring your understanding of all developments in your legal journey.

Why Choose Us

Legal Solutions for Business
and Individual

Expertise Across Various Legal Areas

Our team is composed of attorneys who not only embody a wealth of varied legal expertise but also boast a proven track record of success across numerous case types and legal fields.

Client-Focused Solutions

We tailor strategies to your needs ensuring an approach that’s align with your objectives and concerns, and keeping you informed and empowered throughout the legal process.

Partnership with Specialized Experts

Our approach includes forging partnerships with certified professionals across various industries, guaranteeing that all strategies and decisions are fortified by expert advice and specialized knowledge.

24/7 Accessibility

We prioritize being available when you need us, offering 24/7 accessibility to address any urgent concerns or developments, ensuring you always have a lifeline when you need it.

Pricing Plan

We Offer You a Unique Approach

Bespoke services

$250 / MONTH

Flat rate services

$500 / MONTH

Ala carte or unbundled legal services

$750 / MONTH


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Frequently Asked Questions

Family Law encompasses legal matters related to marriage, divorce, child custody, alimony, adoption, and domestic violence among others. Our expert attorneys specialize in Family Law cases and can guide you through the legal process.

A Family Law attorney can provide legal counsel, negotiate settlements, handle paperwork, and represent you in court during divorce or separation proceedings. They can also assist with child custody arrangements and property division.

Our Criminal Defense services cover a wide range of cases, including but not limited to, DUI offenses, drug charges, assault, theft, and white-collar crimes. Our experienced defense attorneys work tirelessly to protect your rights and provide a strong defense in court.

If you are arrested or accused of a crime, it is crucial to consult with a Criminal Defense attorney immediately. They can advise you on your rights, guide you through the legal process, and build a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific situation.

Civil Litigation involves legal disputes between individuals, businesses, or organizations seeking compensation or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. Our attorneys handle various civil cases, such as personal injury claims, contract disputes, and property disputes, and can represent you in court.

The duration of a Family Law case varies depending on the complexity of the issues involved and whether the parties can reach a settlement. Simple cases may be resolved in a few months, while more complex cases, especially those involving child custody or significant assets, can take longer.

When hiring a Family Law attorney, consider their experience, expertise, communication skills, and track record of successful cases. It’s essential to choose an attorney who understands your specific needs and can advocate effectively on your behalf.

Legal fees for Criminal Defense cases can vary based on the complexity of the case and the services required. Some attorneys charge hourly rates, while others work on a flat fee or a contingency basis. It’s important to discuss fees and payment plans with your attorney during the initial consultation.

In Civil Litigation, potential outcomes include a negotiated settlement, a judgment in favor of one party, or dismissal of the case. Settlements often involve monetary compensation, while judgments may result in financial awards, specific performance, or injunctive relief, depending on the nature of the case.

Yes, our firm offers mediation and alternative dispute resolution services in Family Law and Civil Litigation cases. Mediation can be a cost-effective and less adversarial way to resolve disputes, and our skilled mediators can help parties reach mutually agreeable solutions outside of the courtroom.

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