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Understanding SCRAM CAM: A Tool for Monitoring Alcohol Offenders

Following a DUI conviction, it’s common for individuals, after a mandatory license suspension period, to be mandated to utilize an ignition interlock device (IID). IIDs are installed in vehicles and function as breathalyzers to ensure that drivers are not operating under the influence of alcohol. However, judges may opt for a different monitoring tool known as SCRAM CAM or SCRAM bracelet for repeat DUI offenders.

SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, and it serves as a comprehensive system to monitor individuals for alcohol consumption remotely. When parole, probation, or early release conditions dictate abstinence from alcohol, SCRAM CAM becomes a valuable tool to ensure compliance.

The primary function of SCRAM CAM is to monitor the wearer’s sweat for the presence of alcohol continuously. This method offers a less intrusive alternative to frequent in-person alcohol tests. However, it’s important to note that SCRAM CAM can be expensive, with costs sometimes amounting to hundreds of dollars per month. Typically, it is the offender who must cover these expenses.

Failing to comply with SCRAM CAM requirements, such as attempting to drink alcohol while wearing the device, can lead to severe consequences, including jail time. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that fighting a SCRAM violation in court is possible.

In some cases, SCRAM CAM may produce false positives, indicating alcohol consumption when none has occurred. Alternatively, you might have eyewitnesses who can testify that you were not drinking during the alleged violation. When the court lacks sufficient evidence to prove that you violated SCRAM CAM conditions, there may be grounds for having the violations dismissed.

However, challenging a SCRAM violation can be a complex legal process, and it’s crucial to seek legal counsel to navigate it effectively. Experienced legal professionals, such as Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, a reputable law firm specializing in alcohol and drug-related driving offenses in Colorado, can provide valuable guidance and representation to individuals facing SCRAM CAM violations.


In conclusion, SCRAM CAM serves as a remote monitoring tool to ensure compliance with alcohol-related parole or probation conditions. While it offers an alternative to frequent in-person tests, individuals should know the associated costs and potential consequences of violating SCRAM CAM requirements. Legal assistance may be necessary to dispute a SCRAM violation effectively, and seeking counsel from experienced professionals is advisable when facing such legal challenges.

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