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The BAT Van: Denver’s State-of-the-Art Weapon Against Drunk Driving

If your nocturnal adventures in Denver involve scouring the city for free shots or dollar wells, be cautious on your way home, for a new adversary may be waiting to thwart your plans—the BAT van.

Short for Breath Alcohol Testing, the BAT van is a cutting-edge mobile DUI testing center deployed by the Denver police at designated checkpoints. This formidable vehicle resembles something out of a billionaire-turned-vigilante arsenal, equipped with two breath test machines, a specialized workplace for alcohol blood sample analysis, a drug evaluation room, and room for expansion. This technological marvel can process up to 20 individuals in a mere three hours.

However, the BAT van is not merely a punitive measure against drunk drivers; it also plays a crucial role in the police’s community outreach efforts, aiming to promote safe alcohol practices.

While the concept of BAT vans is not exclusive to Denver, as Houston, Texas, introduced them in 2011, the true efficacy of these mobile testing units has been debated. In Houston, officials, including chemists and district attorneys, raised concerns about the overall utility of BAT vans. An investigative report highlighted issues such as air-conditioning malfunctions and electrical problems that could compromise the accuracy of breath tests. Shockingly, the report revealed that these vans often remained unused, with one instance of a BAT van sitting untouched for a staggering 11 months.

As the novelty of the BAT van may wear off, Denver police might find themselves relying on this mobile testing center less frequently. However, until then, it remains imperative for individuals to adhere to safe alcohol practices. Opting for alternatives like Uber or public transportation can prevent encounters with the BAT van and, more importantly, contribute to safer roads.

The deployment of the BAT van is not solely about catching offenders; it represents a proactive approach to tackling the pervasive issue of drunk driving. By bringing the testing center to the streets, the Denver police send a clear message about the consequences of impaired driving and the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.

In essence, the BAT van is a tangible reminder that law enforcement is actively engaged in ensuring the community’s safety. Beyond its role in identifying and apprehending drunk drivers, the van serves as a conversation starter, encouraging individuals to consider the potential consequences of their actions.

As the debate surrounding the efficacy of BAT vans continues, it is essential to acknowledge that these mobile testing units, when utilized efficiently, can be powerful tools in the fight against drunk driving. The technology incorporated into these vans has the potential to make our roads safer by deterring individuals from getting behind the wheel while under the influence.


In conclusion, implementing the BAT Van in Denver represents a significant stride in combating drunk driving, showcasing a state-of-the-art approach to enhancing public safety. By deploying cutting-edge technology and sophisticated testing methods, the BAT Van stands as a formidable deterrent against impaired driving, contributing to the community’s overall well-being. The initiative reflects a commitment to proactive measures. It underscores the importance of utilizing innovative solutions to address pressing social issues. Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, undoubtedly played a crucial role in the success of this program, emphasizing the importance of legal expertise and collaboration in developing comprehensive strategies to ensure the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at promoting public safety and responsible behavior on the roads. Their contribution to the implementation and legal framework of the BAT Van highlights the significance of legal partnerships in fostering a safer and more responsible community.

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