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Katherine Kendrick

Katie is a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney at Divorce Matters. She has over 20 years of legal experience. She guides individuals and families through various legal issues, helping them through challenging situations and plan for a positive future.

Katie: Experienced Family Advocate

Katie brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her work as a family law attorney. With a proven track record of success (since 2019), she has effectively guided clients through various family law matters involving guardianship and conservatorships. Katie has experience with Guardianship and conservators for minor children, disabled adults and elderly.  Katie has helped obtain guardianship for grandparents of minor children and for adults for their elderly parents. 

Skilled Case Management from Start to Finish

Katie excels at managing cases efficiently and comprehensively. She represents clients in both remote and in-person hearings, ensuring effective communication and representation throughout the legal process.

Drafting Expertise for Clear Agreements and Resolutions

Katie’s experience extends to drafting legal documents such as motions, discovery requests, separation agreements, parenting plans, and child support stipulations. This ensures clear communication with the courts and opposing parties, paving the way for favorable outcomes. Katie has experience drafting basic wills and estate documents and can help with small probate issues.

Compassionate Support During Difficult Times

Understanding the emotional challenges of family issues, Katie prioritizes open communication and client support. She fosters a compassionate and understanding environment, allowing her clients to feel empowered and informed throughout their legal journey.

Community involvement. When Katies is not practicing law, she volunteers for various organization in Parker including being an assistant group leader for a girl scout troop and volunteering for a Middle School Parent teacher organization.   

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