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D’oh! DUI?: The Toy Car

We’ve devoted a fair amount of posts in this series to all the unconventional contraptions in which you can earn a DUI. Still, now it’s time to return to the dear old automobile itself— in a manner of speaking.

Do you remember your very first car? No, not the prized jalopy you drove into your high-school parking lot, but that shiny set of righteous wheels you owned back in the day? That’s right, we’re talking about the precious red plastic convertible you were gifted around age four. Well, some people always grow their toys.

Paul Hutton, an electrical engineering student in the UK, was enjoying a few pints. At the same time, he revamped the wheels of an old Barbie toy car with his son. He then “couldn’t resist the temptation to take it out” and was quickly pulled over for being twice the drunk driving limit. Since Hutton had a previous DUI arrest on his record, he was subsequently banned from driving a real car for three years.

Hutton admitted to being a “complete twit” and also provided this noteworthy detail: “You have to be a contortionist to get in, and then you can’t get out.” Did we mention the pink Barbie car could be outrun by a pedestrian?

Hutton’s not alone in commandeering a toy car, though. Last year, a drunk Arkansas woman crashed her Pontiac Grand Am into a mobile home before jumping into a neighboring child’s battery-powered truck and attempting to flee the scene. She was more than three times the legal BAC limit and wasn’t wearing any pants or shoes at the time of the incident.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need to be in the toy car yourself to be arrested for drunk driving. That’s what happened to an intoxicated couple in Florida who tied their granddaughter’s Hot Wheels car to their SUV with two dog leashes and began towing the child along an access road. When police found them, the inebriated grandmother was cheering the girl on from the open rear hatch, and the grandfather admitted to having already lost his license for ten years following a previous DUI arrest.

Whether it’s a classic roadster or just a little toy car, it’s best to stay away from any vehicles if you’ve been drinking.

Our journey through the peculiar world of DUI incidents has brought us back to the quintessential symbol of vehicular mischief—the automobile itself. From Paul Hutton’s ill-fated escapade with a revamped Barbie toy car to the intoxicated Arkansas woman’s bizarre switch from a Pontiac Grand Am to a child’s battery-powered truck, these stories underscore the undeniable truth that alcohol and any form of vehicular operation do not mix well. As we chuckle at these unconventional tales, it serves as a stark reminder that the consequences of impaired driving are no laughing matter. So, whether it’s a life-sized roadster or a miniature plastic convertible, let’s heed the cautionary tales and avoid the perils of operating any vehicle under the influence. Remember, responsible choices ensure safe journeys for everyone on the road. Thomas & Ahnell, LLC brings this cautionary tale to you, promoting sober and safe travels for a brighter tomorrow.

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