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Colorado’s Updated Marijuana Regulations: What Visitors Need to Know This Summer

Suppose you’re planning a trip to picturesque Colorado this summer and have a penchant for cannabis. In that case, there’s good news for you. Recently, Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law a renewal of the state’s marijuana regulations, bringing about a subtle yet significant change that will impact visitors to the state. This change eliminates a previous inconvenience and aligns the state’s laws with its constitution, making it an appealing destination for cannabis enthusiasts. Here’s what you need to know:

Equal Purchase and Possession Limits

Before the renewal of marijuana regulations, visitors to Colorado were allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Still, they could only purchase one-quarter of an ounce at a time. With the updated regulations, visitors and residents alike can now buy and possess one ounce of marijuana at licensed dispensaries. This change simplifies the buying process, making it more convenient for visitors and streamlining the operations of cannabis businesses.

Alignment with State Constitution

The rule change is not only beneficial for visitors but also brings state laws in line with Colorado’s state constitution. Colorado’s constitution does not discriminate between residents and visitors when it comes to marijuana possession limits. This alignment ensures that all individuals over the age of 21 have equal rights to purchase and possess marijuana, regardless of their residency status.

Potential Impact on Tourism

Colorado has been a popular destination for tourists interested in experiencing legal recreational weed. According to a study by the Colorado Tourism Office, nearly half of summer travelers were influenced by the idea of legal recreational cannabis. With the removal of purchase limits for visitors, Colorado’s tourism industry is anticipated to see a boost this summer as visitors can enjoy a more straightforward and hassle-free cannabis experience.

However, it’s important to note that while marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is illegal to transport it across state lines. Visitors should consume or dispose of their marijuana products before leaving the state to avoid legal issues. Additionally, driving under the influence of marijuana is strictly enforced by law enforcement, so it’s crucial to prevent impaired driving during your visit.


In conclusion, Colorado’s updated marijuana regulations offer visitors a more convenient and equitable experience and align the state’s laws with its constitution. As you plan your trip to Colorado this summer, be sure to enjoy responsibly, follow all local regulations, and consider the legal implications of crossing state lines with marijuana products. Suppose you have any legal concerns or require guidance related to alcohol and drug-related driving offenses in Colorado. In that case, Thomas & Ahnell, LLC is a reputable law firm that specializes in this area and can provide valuable assistance.

Do you have further questions or concerns? Call us or contact the attorneys at Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, and we will be happy to help.

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