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Congratulations to all of the high school and college seniors who will be walking the stage in the coming weeks! Graduation is a time worth celebrating – but when you celebrate too hard, sometimes you can get into serious trouble. Authorities are warning the class of 2015 that DUI enforcement will increase during the next few weeks to help keep students from drinking and driving during the year-end celebrations. An arrest for DUI, warns Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Catherine Buckley, can ruin the first half of a person’s life and career. Additionally, law enforcement officials are recommending that parents speak to their children about the dangers of drinking and driving before celebrations begin. Reminding children to stay safe, designate a driver or take advantage of public transit and ridesharing can help keep the roads safe during this exciting time. Roadside patrols are only one part of the increased emphasis on DUI enforcement. Authorities are also visiting high schools around the state to set up mock accident exercises. These exercises are meant to impart to teens the severe consequences of drinking and driving. The high school crowd is especially vulnerable to alcohol-related car accidents. Studies have shown that minors driving under the influence of alcohol tend to have higher BAC than non-minors committing the same offense, and that minors are less likely to wear seat belts. If you found yourself celebrating graduation too hard and were arrested for underage DUI, you should know that you have allies. Contact a Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible. DUI Matters – Denver Drunk Driving Lawyers Source:

Colorado Police Upping DUI Patrols for Graduations

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015! As you prepare to don your cap and gown and embark on the exciting journey ahead, you must be mindful of the potential pitfalls accompanying the festivities. Graduation is undoubtedly a time for celebration, but a stark reality looms – authorities are intensifying DUI enforcement in the coming weeks to ensure the safety of our roads.

The Colorado Springs Police Department, echoing national concerns, has warned sternly about the consequences of driving under the influence. Catherine Buckley, a spokesperson for the department, emphasizes that a DUI arrest can have far-reaching effects, potentially casting a shadow over the promising future of recent graduates. As you revel in your achievements, it’s vital to recognize the importance of making responsible choices.

The focus on preventing DUI incidents extends beyond law enforcement’s presence on the roads. Parents are urged to engage in open and honest conversations with their graduating children about the dangers of drinking and driving. It’s a crucial step in fostering awareness and encouraging responsible behavior during the upcoming celebrations. Remind your children to prioritize safety, whether designating a sober driver, utilizing public transportation, or relying on ridesharing services.

The efforts to curb underage drinking and driving go beyond mere warnings and roadside patrols. Authorities are taking a proactive approach by visiting high schools nationwide to conduct mock accident exercises. These simulations aim to vividly illustrate the severe consequences of drinking and driving, particularly targeting the high school demographic, which is statistically more vulnerable to alcohol-related accidents.

Research indicates that minors who drive under the influence of alcohol tend to have higher blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) than their legal-age counterparts committing the same offense. Furthermore, studies reveal that minors are less likely to use seat belts, magnifying the risks associated with impaired driving. Educating young drivers about the potential consequences is a crucial component of preventing alcohol-related accidents.

However, if the excitement of graduation leads to an unfortunate encounter with the law, remember that you’re not alone. Seeking legal counsel is a crucial step in navigating the aftermath of an underage DUI arrest. Reach out to a Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible to understand your rights and explore potential defenses.

The consequences of an underage DUI extend beyond legal ramifications. They can impact educational and career opportunities, creating a hurdle that may hinder your progress in the critical early stages of adulthood. As you stand on the precipice of a new chapter, it’s essential to approach celebrations with a heightened sense of responsibility.

Graduation marks a significant milestone, but it’s also a time of transition and change. Committing to responsible decision-making will safeguard your future as you embark on new adventures and opportunities. The lessons learned during this pivotal period will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of your life.


In conclusion, to the graduating class of 2015, congratulations on your achievements! As you revel in the joyous celebrations, remember the importance of staying safe on the roads. The increased DUI enforcement serves as a reminder that responsible choices today can shape a brighter tomorrow. Let this be a moment of reflection, awareness, and a commitment to navigating the future with prudence and responsibility.

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