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A Quick Guide to Alcohol and Marijuana in City Parks

As the clouds part and Colorado’s famous sunshine begins to make a welcome appearance, the invitations for outdoor gatherings and activities are starting to roll in. Whether it’s volleyball games in Washington Park or summertime barbecues at Cherry Creek Reservoir, the allure of the great outdoors beckons. However, as you prepare to enjoy these al fresco festivities, it’s essential to keep a few important points in mind regarding alcohol consumption in public spaces.

  1. Alcohol Limitations: While the picturesque Colorado scenery may seem like the perfect backdrop for enjoying your favorite beverages, it’s crucial to be aware of the alcohol limitations in state and city parks. The rules stipulate that only beverages containing 3.2 percent alcohol by weight or less are allowed. This limits you to light beer. Unfortunately, Colorado is one of the few states still enforcing this Prohibition-era law, making it unsuitable for enjoying the state’s renowned craft beers, wine, whiskey, or cocktails.
  1. Beware of Glass: Glass bottles are strictly forbidden in these public spaces. Opt for cans or kegs when bringing beverages to your outdoor gatherings to ensure safety. This rule applies to parks and is likely in effect at your local pool.
  2. Marijuana Restrictions: While recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, it’s important to remember that this legality comes with restrictions. Public consumption of marijuana in any form remains prohibited. So, leave your vape pens, edibles, and joints at home when heading to the park, as indulging in public spaces is strictly banned.
  3. Increased Enforcement: The Parks Department has recently expressed its commitment to rigorously enforcing these regulations. This decision follows proposals to ban alcohol in certain parks entirely. Instead of a complete ban, a stricter crackdown on alcohol consumption has been promised, and this was evident during Memorial Day weekend when citations were issued for violations. Mounted police and dedicated rangers will be patrolling parks more frequently, with fines starting at $100 for infraction.

While urban legends may suggest that discreet drinking methods, like using paper bags or concealing alcohol brands, go unnoticed, it’s far wiser to abide by the established rules. A day out in the park should be enjoyable without the added cost of fines and penalties. After all, there’s no law against indulging in some delicious beer-battered wings.

Responsible Outdoor Enjoyment: Despite rumors of leniency, following the rules when enjoying outdoor activities is prudent. A trip to the park might seem cost-free, but disregarding regulations could lead to substantial fines. The Parks Department’s commitment to upholding these rules emphasizes the importance of responsible outdoor enjoyment.

So, as you relish the camaraderie of friends, savor the delectable taste of beer-battered wings, and bask in the thrill of outdoor festivities, remember to ensure your celebration aligns with the established guidelines. After all, there’s no law against enjoying your favorite snacks while embracing the beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors.


As the vibrant spirit of outdoor activities beckons with invitations to volleyball games and barbecues, it becomes imperative to navigate the regulations surrounding alcohol consumption in Colorado’s parks. The limitations on alcohol content, prohibition of glass bottles, and strict restrictions on marijuana use underscore the need for responsible enjoyment. The Parks Department’s increased enforcement signals a shift towards a more stringent approach, emphasizing the importance of adherence to rules to avoid fines. While urban legends may suggest loopholes, it is wise to prioritize compliance over risking penalties during leisurely outings. Ultimately, savoring the joys of camaraderie and beer-battered wings in the picturesque Colorado outdoors is best achieved when aligning one’s celebration with the established guidelines.

So, as you revel in the company of friends and the delightful taste of your favorite snacks amid the natural beauty of Colorado, remember that the true essence of these moments lies in the harmony between celebration and responsibility. Embrace the joy of outdoor festivities while respecting the rules, ensuring a carefree and memorable experience without unnecessary financial consequences. Cheers to enjoying the best of Colorado’s great outdoors responsibly and following the regulations that preserve the beauty of these cherished public spaces. Should you ever require legal guidance regarding alcohol and drug-related driving offenses in Colorado, consider contacting Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, a trusted law firm dedicated to assisting clients. Your safety and well-being are paramount; responsible choices can make all the difference.

Do you have further questions or concerns? Call us or contact the attorneys at Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, and we will be happy to help.

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