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A few weeks ago, Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against Colorado before the U.S. Supreme Court in a rare move of states suing other states. So what got our neighbors’ underwear all up in a bunch? The marijuana legalization laws, of course. They claim our pot laws have negatively affected their states by bringing in marijuana across state lines, putting stress on their criminal justice systems and treasuries. (Of course, before marijuana was legalized here, no one ever would take weed across state lines, right?) They seek to have the highest court in the land remove our right to govern ourselves, claiming the Supremacy Clause prevents Colorado from passing laws that conflict with the federal government’s ban on marijuana. Governor Hickenlooper spoke out against the lawsuit to the Denver Post, arguing it was completely without merit. The governor was the voice of reason: “I’m not sure filing a lawsuit is the most constructive way to find a solution to whatever issues there are.” He claimed to have spoken to officials in Oklahoma and Nebraska to hear their concerns and come to constructive resolutions, but so far, the lawsuit is pending. Follow Our Blog and Social Media for the Latest Marijuana Law News! Our blog and Facebook page will follow any move by the Supreme Court and other news that affects our residents’ rights. As DUI defense attorneys , we believe adults should be able to responsibly enjoy marijuana; just don’t drive while intoxicated or drive across state lines with the stash. When coming home from a dispensary, keep it in the sealed bag in the trunk to avoid problems. Maybe convince some friends from Nebraska and Oklahoma to come over, relax and talk this out over a bowl. Can’t we all just get along? Thomas Law Firm – Denver Criminal Lawyers

Will the Supreme Court End Marijuana Legalization in Colorado?

In recent weeks, a rather unusual legal dispute has unfolded, with the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma filing a lawsuit against their neighbor, Colorado, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. This lawsuit is an exceptional instance of one state suing another state, and its root cause is not Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws. The plaintiffs argue that these laws have had adverse effects on their states, primarily due to the alleged influx of marijuana crossing state lines. They claim that this influx has put a strain on their criminal justice systems and finances. It’s worth noting the irony that, before marijuana legalization in Colorado, the scenario of individuals trafficking weed across state lines was presumably unheard of.

At the core of the lawsuit is the contention that Colorado’s marijuana laws conflict with federal regulations, and thus, the Supremacy Clause, which establishes the supremacy of federal law, should prevail. This argument seeks to strip Colorado of its right to self-governance when it comes to marijuana legalization.

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado has publicly opposed the lawsuit, asserting that it lacks merit. In an interview with the Denver Post, Governor Hickenlooper emphasized the need for constructive dialogue and problem-solving rather than legal battles. He noted that he had engaged in discussions with officials from Oklahoma and Nebraska to understand their concerns and work toward amicable resolutions. However, the lawsuit remains pending, with no immediate resolution in sight.

As this legal dispute unfolds, it’s essential to stay informed about the developments that could impact the rights and regulations surrounding marijuana in Colorado. Our blog and Facebook page will continue to provide updates on this matter, along with other news related to marijuana laws.

At Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, we firmly believe in the importance of responsible adult consumption of marijuana. However, we also advocate for responsible behavior, particularly when avoiding impaired driving and adhering to the laws in place. One crucial aspect of responsible marijuana use is refraining from driving while intoxicated and abstaining from transporting marijuana across state lines.

For those individuals who legally purchase marijuana in Colorado, it’s imperative to be aware of the proper guidelines to avoid legal issues. When returning home from a dispensary, it is advisable to keep the purchased marijuana in its sealed packaging, placed securely in the trunk of the vehicle. This practice helps prevent any accidental legal problems arising from improper transportation.


In conclusion, the lawsuit brought by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado underscores the ongoing debates and legal challenges surrounding marijuana legalization. While the lawsuit remains pending, it serves as a reminder of the need for responsible consumption and adherence to state laws. The hope is that constructive dialogue and understanding will prevail over legal disputes. As the legal landscape evolves, individuals seeking guidance and representation in alcohol and drug-related driving offenses can turn to Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, a reputable law firm specializing in these areas in Colorado. Your rights and legal standing deserve the utmost attention and care, and expert legal counsel can help you navigate these complex situations effectively.

Do you have further questions or concerns? Call us or contact the attorneys at Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, and we will be happy to help.

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