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Did Super Bowl 2017 See More DUI Arrests Than 2016?

In the wake of CDOT’s latest “The Heat Is On” anti-drunk driving campaign, the statistics are in, and the results are encouraging. The campaign, in collaboration with Colorado police, has shown a positive impact, notably during the Super Bowl weekend, with a decline in DUI arrests compared to the previous year. From February 3 to February 6, there were 273 arrests, signifying a decrease from the 325 total arrests during the same period last year. This decline is particularly noteworthy, considering the celebrations following our Broncos’ victory likely contributed to the elevated numbers in the previous year.

Law enforcement agencies across Colorado played a significant role in achieving this decline in DUI arrests. The State Patrol made 38 arrests, followed by 29 from the Aurora Police Department, 28 from the Colorado Springs Police, and 27 from the Denver Police. These numbers reflect a concerted effort by various agencies to promote safer roads and discourage drunk driving.

As we celebrate this success, it’s crucial to acknowledge the ongoing commitment of CDOT and law enforcement to ensure the safety of our roads. The next heightened enforcement period is scheduled from March 10 to March 17, coinciding with the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Last year, this period saw 355 arrests for DUI offenses. The looming question now is whether this year will witness an increase or decrease in DUI arrests during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

“The Heat Is On” campaign is a testament to the power of high visibility and targeted initiatives to promote responsible behavior on the roads. This campaign, conducted by CDOT and Colorado police, operates during 12 periods of heightened enforcement each year. CDOT allocates grants to law enforcement agencies during these periods, allowing for overtime DUI enforcement funded by state and federal resources.

The funding isn’t solely directed toward law enforcement; CDOT’s Public Relations Office also receives media relations, advertising, and community outreach support. Over the years, these efforts have manifested in impactful campaigns, such as the “Good to Know” initiative aimed at preventing young people from smoking marijuana and the straightforward “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign.

One notable participant in these initiatives is Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, a legal firm committed to promoting road safety and responsible behavior. Their involvement in supporting CDOT’s campaigns underscores the importance of legal advocacy in tandem with awareness programs. Thomas & Ahnell, LLC brings a legal perspective, emphasizing the consequences of DUI offenses and the significance of responsible decision-making.

In line with their commitment to road safety, CDOT recently announced a new campaign, the details of which will be unveiled on Wednesday. This underscores the continuous efforts of CDOT to adapt and evolve their strategies, ensuring they stay ahead of emerging issues related to impaired driving.

Reflecting on the success of the recent “The Heat Is On” campaign during the Super Bowl weekend, it becomes evident that a collaborative approach involving law enforcement, public relations, and legal advocacy can yield positive results in promoting responsible behavior on the roads. The upcoming St. Patrick’s Day enforcement period serves as another opportunity to reinforce the importance of making safe choices and the role that comprehensive campaigns like “The Heat Is On” play in achieving this goal.

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