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Why Black Wednesday is Such a Big Drinking Night

In the United States, Black Friday is a widely recognized phenomenon that either sparks excitement (Sales! Sales! Sales!) or prompts apprehension (Traffic! Crowds! Mass hysteria!). However, fewer people are familiar with Black Wednesday, also known as Blackout Wednesday.

Black Wednesday refers to Thanksgiving Eve, when families from across the country gather at the chosen host’s home for the annual Turkey Day celebrations. While primarily based on anecdotal evidence, it is often considered the busiest bar night of the year. Bar owners report increased sales, police squads intensify DUI enforcement efforts, and transportation services like Uber and Lyft frequently offer special promotions during this time.

What makes Black Wednesday a significant night for drinking? Several factors, akin to a well-crafted cocktail, seamlessly come together to promote festive celebrations.

  • Thanksgiving is a national holiday. Hence, a considerable number of individuals are off from work on Thanksgiving, alleviating concerns about facing a hangover during a crucial meeting or experiencing discomfort, such as vomiting, in the workplace.
  • Thanksgiving is for families; Black Wednesday is for friends. University students returning home for Thanksgiving frequently utilize Black Wednesday as an opportunity to reestablish connections with high school friends. Similarly, family members who have relocated to different states may seek to catch up with their local circles, often leading to gatherings at bars.
  • Thanksgiving can be stressful, so Black Wednesday makes a nice preemptive night off. If you’re the host, it’s essential to remain sober to prepare the turkey and ensure your family’s comfort and entertainment. Choosing Wednesday night as a stress-reliever can help you stay relaxed and well-prepared for the challenging task of holiday preparations.
  • There’s no better hangover cure than a Thanksgiving feast.

If you intend to make Black Wednesday a night of revelry with your friends, ensure your safety by avoiding driving if you’ve consumed alcohol. Opting for responsible transportation options will not only keep you at home with your family on Thanksgiving but also prevent potential legal consequences. Check out the list we compiled in February for safe ways to get home in Denver.

The significance of Black Wednesday as a prominent drinking night stems from a combination of factors contributing to the perfect storm of festive revelry. As individuals gather with friends and family on the eve of Thanksgiving, a sense of anticipation and relief permeates the air, creating a communal desire to unwind and celebrate. The tradition of Black Wednesday has become ingrained in American culture, serving as a precursor to the Thanksgiving feast and providing an opportunity for socializing and relaxation. Notably, establishments like Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, have played a crucial role in shaping this tradition, offering patrons a welcoming space to come together and enjoy the camaraderie of the season. As the evening unfolds, libations flow freely, fostering an atmosphere of merriment that underscores the importance of shared experiences and the joyous spirit of the holiday season.

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