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Reducing Drunk Driving Incidents at Country Jam USA: The Impact of Fatal Vision® Goggles

Country Jam USA, a renowned country music festival, is celebrated for its music, camaraderie, and lively atmosphere. However, it is no secret that such festivals often see a surge in alcohol consumption, leading to elevated drunk driving rates among attendees. Last year, the festival recorded 238 alcohol violations; in 2014, there were 229. Surprisingly, this year’s event reported a notable decrease, with only 182 citations for alcohol violations. What contributed to this decline, especially considering the festival’s record attendance?

The decrease in alcohol violations at Country Jam USA this year can be attributed to various factors, including growing awareness of the perils of drunk driving across the country. However, a significant part of this change can be attributed to a collaboration between the Colorado State Police and KKCO News, which introduced a unique and innovative tool: NASA’s Fatal Vision® Goggles.

Understanding NASA’s Fatal Vision® Goggles

Fatal Vision® Goggles is an interactive drunk driving prevention tool designed to educate people of all ages about the dangers of impairment due to alcohol. These specially designed goggles distort the wearer’s vision to simulate the effects of alcohol intoxication realistically. Wearers are challenged to perform tasks that mimic roadside sobriety tests, such as walking a straight line or standing on one leg, as well as practical actions like picking up a pair of keys.

What sets these goggles apart is their ability to replicate different blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. They come in six varieties, each simulating various BACs, ranging from less than .06 to .25+.

Do They Work? Insights from Country Jam Attendees

Country Jam attendees who had the opportunity to experience Fatal Vision® Goggles firsthand shared their impressions. According to one festival-goer, “It’s hard. It’s like you’ve been drinking, and everybody’s wavering… I can’t keep my balance.” This sentiment reflects the goggles’ effectiveness in providing wearers with a realistic simulation of impaired vision and coordination caused by alcohol consumption.

The success of Fatal Vision® Goggles lies in their ability to create empathy and understanding. By allowing individuals to experience impaired vision firsthand, the goggles serve as a powerful educational tool, reinforcing the importance of responsible drinking and the dangers of drunk driving.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Colorado State Police and KKCO News to introduce NASA’s Fatal Vision® Goggles at Country Jam USA has played a pivotal role in reducing alcohol violations at the festival. This innovative approach fosters greater awareness of the consequences of impaired driving and encourages festival-goers to make responsible choices.

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