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If you are an avid consumer of television, you have probably caught one or two of the new PBS-styled ads coming out regarding marijuana legalization. These ads are a part of a $5.7 million campaign (paid for by tax money from the “budding” legal marijuana industry) called “Good to Know Colorado” that stress education and responsibility about the use of cannabis in our state. Using colorful cartoon characters, friendly, engaging voices and fanciful artwork, the ads offer citizens of Colorado a run-down of basic marijuana information. Previous ads, such as the “Drive High – Get a DUI” and the “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” campaign used stereotypes, ominous music and fear-mongering to drive home the dangers of marijuana. These new ads are much less Reefer Madness and much more Schoolhouse Rock – “For those underage, it’s just not OK. Their brains are still growing, so keep it away,” one singsong character chants to young viewers. These ads display changing attitudes in our state regarding marijuana. Before last year, officials worried that legalization would bring an epidemic of teen marijuana use, a surge in crime or a spike in automobile accidents. So far, none of these fears have manifested. By keeping the ads light and playful, Good to Know empowers Coloradans to be informed and make smart choices regarding cannabis use without demonizing the legal drug and the people who use it. We encourage drivers to listen to the ads and to make the right decisions before getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of marijuana. If you do end up driving high and get pulled over, it is not the end of the road. Listen to our Attorney Jake Johnson explain how a skilled DUI defense lawyer can help you get your charges reduced or potentially dropped: DUI Matters – Denver Drunk Driving Lawyers Did You Know?  More than 10 million Americans say that they’ve operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of an illicit substance in the past year. (NORML)

Good to Know Colorado: Playful Pot Education for the Masses

Suppose you’re a regular consumer of television content. In that case, you’ve likely come across some of the new PBS-style advertisements circulating regarding marijuana legalization. These ads are part of a noteworthy $5.7 million “Good to Know Colorado” campaign funded by tax revenue generated from the burgeoning legal marijuana industry. The primary focus of this campaign is to emphasize education and responsibility in the context of cannabis use within our state.

These captivating advertisements employ colorful cartoon characters, friendly and engaging voices, and imaginative artwork to provide Colorado citizens with essential information about marijuana. It’s a departure from previous ad campaigns, such as “Drive High – Get a DUI” and “Don’t Be a Lab Rat,” which relied on stereotypes, ominous music, and fear-inducing tactics to underscore the potential dangers of marijuana. The latest ads take a different approach, resembling something more akin to “Schoolhouse Rock.” For instance, one catchy refrains reminds young viewers, “For those underage, it’s just not OK. Their brains are still growing, so keep it away.”

These advertisements signify a shifting attitude within our state regarding marijuana. Before the recent years, officials were concerned that marijuana legalization might lead to a surge in teenage marijuana use, increased crime rates, or a spike in automobile accidents. However, as time has shown, none of these dire predictions have come to fruition.

By adopting a lighter and more playful tone, the “Good to Know” campaign aims to empower Coloradans to become well-informed and make responsible choices regarding cannabis use, all without demonizing the legal drug or stigmatizing its users.

We wholeheartedly encourage all drivers to pay attention to these ads and take valuable information to heart when making decisions, especially before getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of marijuana. However, suppose you do find yourself in a situation where you’ve driven while impaired and are subsequently pulled over. In that case, it’s crucial to understand that it’s not the end of the road.

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We firmly believe that education and responsible choices are key when it comes to marijuana use, especially concerning its impact on driving safety. If you ever face legal issues related to impaired driving or any other driving-related offenses, please do not hesitate to reach out to our firm. We are here to protect your rights, offer professional guidance, and work toward the best possible outcome for your case. Your well-being and legal standing are our utmost priorities, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system.

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