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Fall Festival DUI Enforcement is On

As the vibrant colors of fall adorn Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) gears up for another crucial phase of its “The Heat Is On” campaign. The previous campaign, spanning from August 21 to September 8, coinciding with the Labor Day holiday, resulted in nearly 1,000 DUI arrests. With the onset of fall, CDOT has initiated a new enforcement period from September 18 to October 26, strategically covering the Fall Festival days. This extended campaign addresses the surge in impaired driving incidents associated with popular events such as Oktoberfest and the commencement of the football season.

During this heightened enforcement period, CDOT encourages individuals to enjoy their time responsibly and proactively seeks to curb the alarming trend of drunk driving. The focus is not only on law enforcement efforts but also on promoting alternative transportation options for those reveling in the festivities.

Acknowledging the desire to have a good time, CDOT emphasizes the importance of making responsible choices regarding transportation. Whether leaving a stadium, a bar, or a friend’s party, there are various alternatives to driving under the influence. Public transportation, such as buses, and traditional options like cabs are readily available. Additionally, considering the prevalence of ridesharing services, CDOT has partnered with Uber and Lyft to provide incentives for responsible choices. By using the promo codes “NODUICO” for Uber and “CDOTRideSafe” for Lyft during app sign-up, users can receive a $20 credit on their first ride. This initiative promotes safety and makes responsible transportation an economically attractive option.

Collaborating with ridesharing services aims to underscore that choosing not to drive under the influence can be convenient and cost-effective. For short distances, the $20 credit essentially translates to a free ride, fostering a culture of responsibility and minimizing the financial burden associated with alternatives to drunk driving.

However, CDOT acknowledges that mistakes can happen, and individuals may face legal consequences if caught driving under the influence. CDOT urges those in such situations to seek immediate legal counsel to mitigate the potential fallout. The organization recommends contacting a Denver drunk driving attorney to provide assistance and guidance through the legal process. The importance of legal representation is underscored as the most effective means of reducing sentences and significantly influencing case outcomes.

Given that even a first DUI offense can result in substantial financial repercussions – with CDOT estimating a cost of $10,270 – individuals are strongly advised not to navigate the legal complexities alone. Engaging a skilled attorney can make a substantial difference in the case’s outcome, potentially mitigating penalties and helping individuals move forward after a DUI arrest.

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