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Driving in low visibility situations can be dangerous – fog, heavy rain and snow all present unique dangers on the road. A Colorado man in West Virginia recently took “low visibility driving” to a whole new level – by driving with several inches of snow covering his windshield. Besides the obvious risks inherent to driving without the use of sight, snow and ice piled on top of a vehicle can pose a hazard to other cars in the road. Chunks of ice can fly off a moving car and damage nearby vehicles or cause an accident. To see, the driver would stick his head out of the driver side window. He eventually graduated to opening the door and leaning out to navigate. When police noticed the frosty offender, they attempted to pull him over. Perhaps pretending he could not see the flashing reds and blues (or anything else, for that matter), the driver continued for several more blocks before crashing into a passing UPS truck. Thankfully, no one was injured. When asked for his driver’s license, the frigid wrongdoer revealed that he did not have one, as it had been suspended for a previous DUI. While Colorado law has no specific requirements for removing snow and ice from one’s vehicle, in West Virginia it is a crime to drive with an obstructed view. Cases like these just go to show: common sense is anything but. DUI Matters – Denver Drunk Driving Lawyers Source:

D’oh! DUI?: Zero Visibility

Driving in adverse weather conditions can be perilous, as fog, heavy rain, and snow create unique hazards on the road. However, a recent incident in West Virginia took the concept of “low visibility driving” to an extreme when a Colorado man was discovered driving with several inches of snow completely covering his windshield.

Apart from the obvious dangers of driving without proper visibility, having snow and ice piled on top of a vehicle can pose a significant threat to other cars sharing the road. Chunks of ice can dislodge from a moving vehicle, potentially causing damage to nearby vehicles or even triggering an accident.

In this bizarre case, the driver resorted to sticking his head out of the driver’s side window to see his surroundings. Over time, he escalated to opening the door and leaning out desperately trying to navigate the snowy conditions.

When law enforcement officers eventually noticed the driver’s unusual approach to visibility, they attempted to pull him over. It appeared as though the driver either ignored or couldn’t see the flashing red and blue lights behind him, as he continued driving for several more blocks. Unfortunately, his reckless journey ended when he collided with a passing UPS truck.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident. However, when asked for his driver’s license, the cold and bewildered driver disclosed that he did not possess one, as it had been previously suspended due to a DUI conviction.

While Colorado law may not have specific requirements for removing snow and ice from vehicles, West Virginia considers driving with an obstructed view a crime. Cases like this serve as a stark reminder that common sense is not always as common as it should be.


In conclusion, the recent incident of a Colorado man driving with a snow-covered windshield in West Virginia highlights the risks associated with low-visibility driving and the importance of adhering to safety regulations on the road. While the driver’s actions were undoubtedly unusual and potentially dangerous, it serves as a reminder that some individuals may find themselves in legal predicaments due to unexpected situations.

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