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Why Estate Planning Matters in Colorado

It’s crucial to remember the importance of planning for the future. Estate planning, often relegated to the realm of the elderly or wealthy, is a vital consideration for Coloradans of all ages and backgrounds. Here’s why: Beyond Intestacy: The Pitfalls of Leaving Things to Chance A common misconception is that everyone needs a hefty bank […]

Beyond Recreational Use: A Deeper Dive into Colorado’s Edible Marijuana Regulations

While Colorado is known for legalizing recreational marijuana, understanding the legalities surrounding edible cannabis products requires looking deeper. Public knowledge often focuses on possession limits, but crucial details regarding production, labeling, and consumption remain obscure. Most people think of ”gummies” when we say edibles. As we discuss, “gummies” are actually not permitted. A Market with […]

Beyond Scribbles and Signatures: The Intricate Art of a Valid Will in Colorado

Colorado’s majestic peaks inspire awe, but navigating the legal terrain of wills can feel equally daunting. One crucial aspect? Ensuring your signature is the key that unlocks your wishes, not the lock that slams the door on them. So, let’s demystify the nature and type of signatures needed for a valid will in the Centennial […]

Colorado DUI: Navigating the Maze of Legal Consequences

Colorado can quickly turn into a legal minefield for anyone caught driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Beyond the immediate danger it poses to yourself and others, a DUI conviction in Colorado can lead to a tangled web of criminal and civil consequences, impacting your freedom, finances, and future. So, before you get behind […]

Navigating the Rapids: A Guide to Conservatorships in Colorado

Colorado’s majestic mountains may inspire awe, but navigating the legal terrain of conservatorships can feel equally daunting. If you’re facing the challenging possibility of needing to protect a loved one who is unable to care for themselves, understanding the intricacies of conservatorships in the Centennial State is crucial. Let’s demystify the rapids and equip you […]

Looming Changes: Understanding Sunsetting Provisions in US Estate Taxes

While the estate tax, often referred to as the “death tax,” is a hot-button topic in the US, it’s important to understand that its current form may not be permanent. Several vital provisions impacting the estate tax are set to sunset in 2026, potentially leading to significant changes in how estates are taxed. Sunset means […]

Rule 16: Review vs Utilization Review

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act places a responsibility on insurers and employers to provide medical treatment to employees affected by work injuries. However, the question arises: are insurers and employers liable for all treatments recommended by authorized treating providers (ATPs)? The answer, as explored in this article, is nuanced. While they must cover reasonable, necessary, […]

Consideration Before Filing a General Admission of Liability in Workers’ Compensation Cases

  In workers’ compensation, the immediate response to a workplace accident is often to file a General Admission of Liability, especially when the incident meets the legal criteria of occurring during working hours and employment. However, a prudent approach suggests pausing before rushing into such an admission and carefully examining the legal definition of “injury.” […]

D’oh! DUI?: The Most Honest Drunk Driver Ever

The adage “honesty is the best policy” turned ironic for a 26-year-old Kentucky man in mid-June. After consuming a pint of beer, this individual took a joyride that ended abruptly when he drove up to the “do not enter” side of a Hopkinsville Police post. Almost crashing into a police cruiser, he made an unusual […]

New Bill Changes Conditions of Probation for Felony DUI’s

Operating a vehicle while under the influence (DUI) is a serious violation that presents substantial hazards to public safety. In Colorado, the legal consequences for DUI offenses have recently been reinforced through the enactment of House Bill 17-1288 (HB17-1288). This legislation specifically addresses the issue of repeat DUI offenders, aiming to close existing loopholes and […]

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