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Can I Be Fired from My Job for a DUI Conviction?

In addition to the legal repercussions, drunk driving can have extensive consequences that go beyond potential fines, imprisonment, and the suspension of your driver’s license. It’s important to realize that losing much more, including your job, is possible.

In many states, including Colorado, employment is often considered “at will.” In at-will employment states, employers can terminate employees for nearly any reason, with some exceptions related to discrimination. Consequently, if your employer discovers you have received a DUI, it may serve as grounds for termination.

However, it’s essential to understand that employers have policies and attitudes towards DUI convictions. Some businesses may have a strict zero-tolerance policy for DUI offenses and choose to terminate employees immediately upon learning of such incidents. On the other hand, some employers may consider the circumstances surrounding your DUI and how it may impact your job performance.

For instance, your employer might be more lenient if it’s your first DUI offense. However, if your job involves driving as a primary function, such as in the case of trucking, a DUI conviction could lead to suspending your commercial driver’s license. In this situation, the trucking company may have no choice but to terminate your employment since you can no longer perform the job’s essential functions.

Moreover, suppose your profession requires a specialized license, like a doctor or lawyer. In that case, you may be subject to specific standards set by professional agencies. A DUI conviction could violate these standards, potentially leading to the revocation of your professional license, which, in turn, could result in unemployment.

Furthermore, a DUI conviction becomes a permanent part of your criminal record. In the course of job searches, prospective employers might conduct background checks during the hiring process. If they uncover a DUI conviction, it has the potential to adversely affect your employment opportunities.

It’s worth noting that in Colorado, businesses must demonstrate how DUI charges are directly related to a job’s essential functions before using your arrest or conviction as a valid reason not to hire you. However, this law typically applies primarily to public employers; other states may still need such protections.


In conclusion, a DUI conviction can have severe consequences beyond the legal penalties, potentially affecting your current employment and future job prospects. If you are facing DUI charges in Colorado, seeking legal assistance from experienced professionals, like Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, who specialize in alcohol and drug-related driving offenses, can help you navigate the legal process and minimize the impact on your life and career.

Do you have further questions or concerns? Call us or contact the attorneys at Thomas & Ahnell, LLC, and we will be happy to help.

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